Our Vision

At HCS, we believe all people with a disability should have access to professional support services, that focus on the participant and put them in the drivers seat of their own life! Participants should make their own decisions and goals in life.

At HCS, we believe in doing activities WITH participants and not FOR them.

Participants should live happy lives in their communities. 

Our Mission

Our mission at HCS is to turn our vision into reality! We want participants to take power and control in their own lives. Participants should complete activities that they want in a way that they choose, and should complete these activities with their community whenever possible!

Our Values

Values. At HCS, we believe that everyone has the right to make their own choices in life. HCS strives for everyone to learn the skills needed and the self-confidence to complete activities themselves. First and Foremost, HCS protects and promotes autonomy for all. HCS strives to maximise the ability and right of individuals to make choices, according to their values and capabilities, regarding decisions that affect their lives.

HCS respects everyone, regardless of their Culture and Country of Birth, Religious Background, Gender,  Sexual Identity, Age, Where they live.

Finally, we believe that supports should be fun and flexible! With no two days the same!